A motley crew of Brooklynites is teaming up for this year's annual Rails Rumble. This is our attempt to document our adventure for posterity- or for ourselves.

Just ordered our tickets to see Richard Dawkins uptown next month. Very excited. #fb

I’ve been failing at sleep a lot lately.

Congrats, @github! The site is already running like a dream.

Considering proposing a “No Latin Music Before 9 AM” rule at the next neighborhood meeting.

Looks like Apex Fest III announcement is coming October 1. Here’s a flyer and a million winky faces:

So I guess everybody outside is just going to keep playing that Jay-Z and Alicia Keys song on repeat until my ears start to bleed.

Admin_assistant in an inherited_resources controller in an admin namespace is exactly one layer of abstraction too many for me right now.

The only thing worse than moving is other people moving on the other side of the hall.

waiting to find out if work is cancelled. chance of rain 100%!

beautiful outside.

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